Let Me Help You Create Generational Wealth!

Why are you still struggling? Tired of working that 9-5 job with long hours and little pay. Ignorant petty boss making you sick, well over here we create bosses and have people quit that 9-5 and start making the money you never couldn’t even imagine! 

Board Certified

What We Do

We are board certified consultants who can help you start and build your business or brand and make you on your way to creating generational wealth for you and your families.

We Coach.

Even the most successful people out there one day was the student and learned and perfected their craft well we are here to help.

We Speak.

Book us for your next big event and turn up all your friends and associates about how we showed you the way to success.

We Work.

Let us be the one who does the work for you and you take all the credit we here at Hellcat Consultants can handle all your outsourcing needs.

Need Advice?

I’ve been providing premium consulting and business advice to hundreds of people and businesses since 2019 what are you waiting for?

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My e-Books & Courses

Download one of my free e-books or if you need even more awesome knowledge take one of my hands on online courses where you are guaranteed to have a very satisfied learning experience and better your knowledge on creating generational wealth!


” With the help of Alecio Samuel and his team at Hellcat Consultants Inc I was finally able to scale my business and finally establish my brand i always dreamed of now i’m on the path to success I wouldn’t recommend any other company! ”

Christine Wright

My Story

Getting scammed sucks. Having no money and terrible credit is even worse. Well that was me no money, homeless, and terrible credit I was down so bad I couldn’t even imagine getting myself out of that situation.

Just Imagine spending your whole life being told that the only way to become successful in life is to finish school and get a degree then get a job, well i’m here to tell you thats not living!