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My Courses

Feel free to take one of my free or paid courses where you will gain some guaranteed most needed knowledge for the average adult even young teens life.

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DIY Credit Repair

This is a step by step video course on how to build and repair your personal credit. Including credit repair software training and more!

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Business Credit Course

This is a course that will show you how to build your business credit without using your ssn or personal credit. Plus loads of extras including different types of financing lines of credit.

Road To Generational Wealth

This is a in-debt training on how to come from nothing and start your journey to create generational wealth, including airbnb, grouphomes and more!

Prodigy Surge Walk-Through

This is a free course which I walk you through the prodigy surge software, including tons of videos and downloads.

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Credit For Kids

This is a course to help and start your kids on becoming financial stable at an early age including budgeting and banking.

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Start A Business/Brand

This is a step by step video course where i show you how to start your business and/or build your brand from scratch without having any idea what you want to do.